How to write an effective CV?

When anybody starts searching for a job, a curriculum vita is an imperative piece of document that you require first. To have a good job your CV is your first step. Mostly times, your CV helps interviewer to understand what you are and help you to get short listed.

The length of the resume should not exceed two pages for a fresher. Long CV not mean that it was effective one. The CV should be eye catching and retain reader’s interest. Every section should be precise and to the point. You can use boldface on the important terms or points as per your discretion to make the CV effective. It should be an effective personal marketing tool to promote yourself and help in your career.
When you write your CV you should follow some basic rules –

In your CV mention your contact details clearly. Try to avoid funky email ID like etc. Try to give your local number and address where you are applying.
Every employer looks for a focused individual. You should have a clear idea of the kind of role you are looking for. Your career objective should be relevant with the job you are applying for or you are looking for.
If you are a fresher your key skills are very important for the employer. Fresher should mention their strengths and weakness. Fresher should mention these things in such a way, weakness also seems to be their strength e.g.
I can’t say “NO” to work.
Sometimes I got involved in work too much.
Your work experience/ Training section should include the name of the company, designation, time frame and your role. It is a better idea to represent all this information in a structured way. Please download the sample CV for fresher.
You are advised not to use more than two fonts in your CV. Font style and size must not be varying too much. Try to use font like Arial, Verdana, Tahoma.
Educational details with the year of completion must be mentioned accurately.
If you have done any certification then you must mention it.
Honors and Awards section includes relevant academic recognitions to add extra interest to the CV.

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